What to Write on a Headstone Instead of “In Loving Memory”? 

23 Jun 2023

When choosing what to write on a headstone, you have the opportunity to create a personalised tribute that reflects the life and memory of the person who has passed away. However, this is truly a difficult task in these challenging times. To help somehow, we’ve prepared this short list of ideas and inspiration for you. 

Instead of the traditional “In Loving Memory,” you may consider the following alternatives: 

  • “Forever in Our Hearts”: This phrase conveys the enduring love and cherished memories held by those who remember the person. 
  • “Remembered Always”: This expression emphasizes the lasting impact and remembrance of the individual. 
  • “In Fond Remembrance”: This phrase signifies the warm and affectionate memories held for the person. 
  • “A Life Well Lived”: This statement acknowledges the person’s fulfilling and meaningful life. 
  • “Gone but Never Forgotten”: This phrase highlights the enduring presence and significance of the person’s memory. 
  • “In Celebration of a Beautiful Life”: This expression focuses on honouring and commemorating the person’s life and the positive impact they had. 
  • “In Eternal Peace”: This statement suggests that the person has found eternal peace and tranquillity. 
  • “Deeply Missed, Forever Loved”: This phrase captures the profound sense of loss and enduring love for the person. 
  • “Cherished Memories Live On”: This expression emphasizes that memories of the person continue to be treasured and cherished. 
  • “In the Hearts of Those He/She Touched”: This phrase acknowledges the lasting impact and influence the person had on others’ lives. 

You can also find other ideas and inspirations here. 

Ultimately, the choice of inscription should reflect the personality, values and relationships of the person being memorialised.  It helps to involve family members and loved ones to ensure the chosen words truly honour the memory of your departed loved one.