Beautiful and Appropriate Words for Headstones

08 Jun 2022

Showing your respect and gratitude for a departed loved one is an essential and difficult task. To make this task a bit easier, here are some appropriate and beautiful words to include in the headstone or memorial: 

  • Always in our thoughts and forever in our hearts 
  • An inspiration to us all 
  • In loving memory of 
  • Treasured by family and friends 
  • Loving you forever 
  • Rest in God’s loving care 
  • Always remembering the moments 
  • So loved and adored 
  • An inspiring life that touched the lives of many 
  • So sweet and so soon 
  • Taken to be an angel 
  • A loving family member and a loving friend 
  • At peace in God’s hands 
  • One who lived life to the fullest 
  • Gave so much and took so little 

Bible verses, song lyrics and other inspirations 

Aside from the short phrases above, you can also include Bible verses and song lyrics that could be a favourite of your loved one. You can also include a verse that best describes the departed loved one including the way they lived. 

You can also take inspiration from your loved one’s favourite sayings and expressions. This will add uniqueness to their headstone inscription and somehow bring a smile to your face whenever you read those words. It can be words, a phrase or a full sentence that only you can remember and appreciate because it’s something unique that you and the departed loved one only knew. 

What about the inscriptions’ font and the headstone’s design? 

After deciding on which words to include on the inscription or epitaph, the next step is to choose the appropriate font and design. Classic fonts such as Times New Roman, Old English and Century Schoolbook are always appropriate. In addition, these fonts evoke the meaning of timelessness while being easy to read. When it comes to the headstone’s appearance and design, you can start with the most common or existing options. To give you some inspiration and ideas, you can browse this page (you can also read some of the appropriate words and inscriptions here).