A wide range of options

Here at Ring Memorial Co we offer an expansive range of full monuments. We pride ourselves in building custom full monuments which best reflect the loved family member themself and any other personal touches you desire. Full Monuments generally comprise of a few key features. Firstly a solid concrete foundation to correctly support the weight of a full monument. These foundations comply with the Australian Standard AS 4204:2019 along with any individual cemetery requirements, so you can be ensured a monument that will stand the test of time. Then the chosen kerbing, socket and headstone is installed on top of these foundations. A Garden, Concrete Infill or cover slab can then be added to finalize and encase the burial plot. Based on your requirement and overall desires, these monuments can be made of sandstone, marble, or granite. We can also add ceramic photos, in-depth inscriptions, laser etchings and sandblasted images to the headstones of any full monument. Other accessories like Vases and plaques can be incorporated into the design of any full monument. When it comes to the size and styles of monuments allowed, each cemetery has specific rules. These rules and requirements can be explained and clarified to you by our experienced team.

Single or Double Monuments: The width of a memorial is defined by the terms single or double monument. A single monument covers one gravesite. However, there can be more than one interment and the monument can be built to accommodate this. We can custom-design special types of single monuments or build a single monument to match your existing family monuments. While replicating any monument, we take great care to depict the connection by matching the height, stone type, and the inscription font and layout.

On the other hand, a double monument is a tasteful way for connecting two family graves as they can cover two grave sites. Double monuments installed by us are as durable as single monuments, and can last indefinitely. As like single monuments, these can also accommodate additional interments and can also be designed to match existing family monuments.

Whether you are looking for a Single or Double full monument, it can be custom designed just for you. Our monuments conform to the Australian Standards, and are installed using all necessary foundations, reinforcements, piers, cement, and Stainless Steel dowels.

Lawn Monuments

A lawn monument is both a simple and economical option for a memorial. Lawn monuments can come in all different styles and sizes, Although are generally categorised into the larger ‘Headstone and Bases’ and the Lower to the ground ‘Tributes’. Both types of lawn monuments are placed at the head of the grave and will be a perfect memorial on its own. These are some of the most common monuments found in almost all cemeteries across Australia.

A headstone and base memorial generally comprises of two parts, a larger base stone and a headstone placed upright on this base stone. Unless there is an existing concrete beam, this entire structure is built on a concrete foundation or footing. This type of monument is generally under a meter tall and can provide plenty of inscription room for multiple names.

Tributes and grave markers:

Tributes and grave markers can be described as a smaller desk like stone and usually lie on the slab of a full monument, However these can also be used as a memorial on its own. These memorials are generally under 300mm tall with its length and width varying depending on its application. Like the headstone and base, this will be installed on an existing concrete beam or on its own concrete foundation or footing.

About us:

Ring Memorial Co has been in the family for 4 Generations and Over the years, we have built all types of cemetery monuments including, single, double, full monuments, Headstone and bases, lawn monuments, Grave markers and Tributes in many different cemeteries. We are dedicated to the task of creating lasting tributes for the most special people in your lives for over 70 years. We only use the highest quality materials for our monuments which we have been testing for decades. We pride ourselves in the continual development of our products to provide you with a monument that is not only tailored to you, but one you know will last in all conditions.

We have the track record of building numerous state-of-the-art headstones using the finest quality of materials. Our experienced team is well aware of various religious traditions and funerary customs. This awareness has helped us remain relevant to a wide customer base.  We also provide world-class letterings, stonework, and restoration service for headstones and monuments.


John Jang.

“I hire the services of Ring memorial to construct the monument of my late father and it was a great finished. Good quality materials and workmanship and the price is reasonable enough.”

Jim Gobert.

“This family company constructed the memorial to my late mother. Excellent personal service, very good quality product. Great value – could not recommend more highly”