How to Pay Tribute to a Deceased Loved One 

22 Dec 2022

Showing your respect and honouring a deceased loved one can be a profound emotional experience. That’s because it goes beyond remembering the person. It’s also about remembering how it felt…

How to Cope with the Loss of a Loved One

22 Nov 2022

Life will never be the same again.  Losing a loved one could have been the most painful experience you’ll ever face. The pain is overwhelming, which makes it extremely hard…

Why is it Important to Keep Remembering the Departed?

17 Oct 2022

Aside from mourning our departed loved ones, it’s important to keep remembering them because we’re:  Honouring them  Learning about their story and our own  Gaining wisdom and learning more about…

Why are Headstones Important? 

20 Sep 2022

Headstones provide identification to the grave as well as a reminder to the future descendants about the deceased person. The memory will still remain and the deceased persons will still…

How to Clean a Granite Headstone 

22 Aug 2022

Granite headstones last long despite being constantly exposed to harsh sunlight and heavy rains. However, those headstones can still accumulate dust and dirt, which makes the inscriptions hard to read….

What Type of Headstones Last the Longest?

01 Aug 2022

Quartzite headstones last for centuries because they resist physical and chemical weathering. If quartzite is unavailable, choose one of the following durable materials:  Granite  Slate  Sandstone  Marble  Granite is a…