Which Colours are Appropriate for Headstones? 

21 Oct 2023

Selecting a headstone is a deeply personal and often emotionally charged decision. One of the aspects to consider is the colour of the headstone. The choice of colour can have various meanings and can greatly influence how the monument is perceived. In this article, we’ll explore which colours are appropriate for headstones and offer insights on how to make a headstone better show respect to your departed loved one. 

Appropriate colours for headstones 

White. White is a timeless and classic choice for headstones. It symbolizes purity, innocence and a sense of peace. Many people choose white headstones to convey a sense of reverence and remembrance for the departed soul. 

Gray or black. These colours are often associated with solemnity and formality. Gray or black headstones can be a symbol of respect and mourning. They are also chosen for their timeless appeal and durability. 

Light colours. Light colours like pink, light blue or soft green can be chosen to reflect the personality or favourite colour of the departed loved one. These colours can evoke a sense of comfort and warmth. 

Red. This is a colour that symbolises love, courage and passion. Some people choose red headstones to honour a loved one’s vibrant and passionate personality. 

Brown or earth tones. Brown or earth-toned headstones can represent a connection to nature and the earth. They are often chosen for individuals who had a deep appreciation for the outdoors. 

Custom colours. Many headstone manufacturers offer the option of customizing the colour to suit your specific preferences and the personality of the deceased. This allows for a more personalised and meaningful tribute. 

How to make a headstone better show respect 

Thoughtful inscriptions. The words and inscriptions on the headstone play a significant role in conveying respect. Choose meaningful quotes, verses or a personalised message that reflects the essence of the departed loved one. 

Quality material. Opt for high-quality and durable materials for the headstone. Quality materials not only ensure the longevity of the monument but also convey a sense of respect for the memory of the departed. 

Consider symbols. Incorporating symbols or images that were meaningful to the deceased can add depth to the headstone. These symbols can range from religious icons to hobbies or interests the person had. 

Regular maintenance. Show respect by ensuring that the headstone is well-maintained. Periodically clean it to remove dirt and debris and consider replacing weathered or damaged elements to keep the monument in good condition. 

Planting flowers or trees. Surrounding the headstone with flowers, plants or even planting a tree in memory of the departed can be a beautiful way to show respect and create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. 

Visits and remembrance. Regular visits to the gravesite to pay respects, leave flowers or simply reflect can be a meaningful way to show respect to your departed loved one. 

Honouring their memory 

Choosing the appropriate colour for a headstone is a personal decision that should reflect the personality and preferences of the departed individual. More importantly, showing respect to the departed loved one through thoughtful inscriptions, quality materials and regular maintenance can help create a lasting tribute that honours their memory and provides a place for remembrance and reflection for generations to come.