Why are Headstones Important? 

20 Sep 2022

Headstones provide identification to the grave as well as a reminder to the future descendants about the deceased person. The memory will still remain and the deceased persons will still somehow become a part of the present. 

The headstone also completes the resting place, which then becomes an ideal place for reflection and remembering. Without the headstone, the entire memorial seems incomplete. Because it’s incomplete, it can be hard to focus on reflection or fully immerse ourselves in remembering our departed loved ones. 

Although anytime and anywhere we can always remember the departed, the memorial and headstone still provides that right place and atmosphere to feel again the memories and legacy they left behind. It’s also a good place to tell stories about the departed and let future generations know about their past. 

Remembering the past can help us better appreciate our present and perhaps provide some insights to the future. The stories of our loved ones can shed some light about why we’re here and why it happened the way it was. Surely, some of the stories and details will be surprising because of the richness of the past. The past often contains surprises that can delight the future generations. 

This practice of remembering the past is not just about sadness and grief. This can actually lead to us feeling more gratitude about this passing time we have here. We might even gain a better sense of appreciation about our life now and the possibilities ahead. 

Our job now is to maintain that reminder and link to the past. This way, the stories and lessons won’t fade away. Taking just a moment from time to time is already more than enough to remind ourselves about the people we had shared our moments with. 

Headstones can help maintain that link and reminder about the past. It’s especially the case when the headstone best reflects our way of remembering our loved one. The unique and appropriate inscriptions as well as the elegant design of the headstone can help best express our way of remembering and respecting the deceased person.