What Type of Headstones Last the Longest?

01 Aug 2022

Quartzite headstones last for centuries because they resist physical and chemical weathering. If quartzite is unavailable, choose one of the following durable materials: 

  • Granite 
  • Slate 
  • Sandstone 
  • Marble 

Granite is a popular material for headstone construction. Also, it’s used to build and manufacture floor tiles, paving stones, countertops and other common construction applications. 

Granite is a popular material because it: 

  • Resists abrasion (hard to scrape or wear away) 
  • Resists weathering (this makes it ideal for outdoor constructions and against the harsh Australian climate) 
  • Accepts polishing (making it shiny and suitable for floor tiles, countertops and more) 
  • Shows elegance and durability 

Although granite costs more, it’s still popular because of its durability and elegance. 

Slate is also a common material for headstones because of its durability and established presence (it’s used for exterior paving, interior flooring, wall cladding and roofing). This demonstrates that slate is suitable for outdoor applications (such as building lawn monuments and headstones). 

Another common material for headstones is sandstone. It’s highly resistant to weathering which also makes it good enough for headstone construction and other outdoor applications. Throughout history, sandstone has been used for building homes, churches and temples. 

Marble is also a common and long-lasting material. You can find it in sculptures because it’s relatively easy to carve and resists shattering. These properties make it ideal for headstone and monument construction. 

Quartzite can last the longest but other more available materials will be good enough to meet your requirements (and make the headstones look elegant and respectful for decades and centuries). For this, marble, sandstone and granite are safe choices. 

If you have more questions about having a long-lasting headstone for your loved one, contact us here at Ring Memorial (a fourth-generation team of stone masons who specialises in creating respectful memorials).