What to Write on a Parent’s Headstone

14 Mar 2022

Choosing the right words to show your respect and gratitude in this difficult time is almost impossible. Your days will never be the same again because of this recent tragic event. Although you’re still overwhelmed and undergoing such a difficult time, you still want to pay the appropriate tribute to your loved one.

Choosing the right words for a parent’s headstone

First, paying your tribute and showing your love doesn’t have to happen immediately. You can take your time for your emotions to settle down. It takes time to process your emotions and get your thinking clearly.

For others, it takes up to a year before they can start to come up with the right words to show their love. Some can do it just after a few days, weeks or months. It differs for each person because individually we process our emotions differently. Also, it’s challenging to come up with the right words that will be put on the headstone.

To start, you can try to remember your parent’s favourite poem, song lyric or quote. You can also try to remember his/her favourite Bible verses that are about hope, love, comfort or celebration. Or perhaps, he/she already said something years or months ago about what he/she wants to be put on the headstone.

Aside from those phrases and sentences, you can also put your parent’s unique attributes. Perhaps he/she was unusually hardworking or a cool parent who always supported you in your unique hobbies and interests. You can also add words and symbols that show your parent’s profession or passion. You can also include something that only you and your parent can understand (something that will make you smile).

It helps to focus on love, comfort, gratitude and celebration of life. This way, whenever you read the words you will always feel the comfort and appreciation. Happy images will instantly flash on your mind and your heart will be touched. If it’s something that speaks to your heart and it’s timeless, often those are the right words to say or hear.

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can visit this page. Aside from the words, you can also see different headstone designs that are appropriate and timeless. This will make it a bit easier for you to choose the right words and headstone design. Then, you can finally show your respect, love and gratitude in a permanent and timeless way.