What to Write on a Headstone 

30 Jan 2023

Finding the right words in honouring the memory of your loved one is a difficult task. You can still feel the pain, but you know you have to do the job. You might also be feeling some pressure because the inscriptions on the headstone will become permanent. 

To make the job a bit easier, here are some ideas and inspirations: 

  • Rest in peace 
  • In loving memory of [your loved one’s name] 
  • A treasured memory 
  • Missed by all 
  • Gone but not forgotten 
  • Your memory lives on 
  • Our beloved (e.g. father, mother, spouse) 
  • Farewell 

As much as possible, make an inscription that is short, simple and uplifting. You can also make it extremely personal so that it can best describe your loved one’s memory and legacy. For example, you can write your loved one’s favourite quote, poem or Bible verse. The goal here is to honour the memory of your loved one and write a simple message. 

Coming up with the right words is an extremely difficult task, which is why you should take your time and ask for help. You might need to step back first and reflect on your loved one’s life and moments. You might also want to talk with your family or friend first before writing anything. 

It’s important to step back a bit not just to come up with the right respectful words, but also to further process what happened. It could still be overwhelming and you might be the one taking care of several arrangements aside from the burial and headstone. Stepping back, taking your time and asking for help can make it a bit easier for you to think of the right words to write.