Is It Time to Restore or Renovate a Memorial? 

30 Jun 2022

Headstones, memorials and monuments are built to last. However, they can still look old, beaten and neglected because of the constant exposure to sunlight, rain and harsh weather. In this case, perhaps it’s time to have them undergo professional cleaning, restoration or renovation to make the monument look respectful, elegant and appropriate again. 

About cleaning, restoring and renovating a memorial 

Through the years, the monument’s surfaces might have accumulated dirt or the paint has faded or chipped already. There are also cases where there are cracks and other visible damages to the memorial’s limestone or marble material (perhaps because of physical impact due to accident or strong weather). These materials might have also slightly eroded, which can make the words and inscriptions on the headstone impossible to read now. This is likely to happen after 10 years especially because of Australia’s harsh climate and weather conditions overall. 

In many cases, just some soft cleaning and removal of overgrown grass and weeds will be enough to freshen up the monument’s look. There are some cases though when the monument’s material should be repaired or replaced. It’s especially the case with relatively soft and less durable materials such as slate and limestone where natural deterioration occurs through a couple of years. 

As a result, some choose to have the headstone’s or monument’s material replaced with granite because of this material’s durability and structural integrity. Even through the decades, natural weathering will have a negligible effect on granite’s integrity and elegant appearance. The words and inscriptions will remain clear because of granite’s strong resistance against weathering and erosion. But if you still prefer the monument’s original material to preserve its original appearance and identity, some cleaning, restoration and repair will get the job done. 

If you have questions about cleaning, restoring or renovating a memorial, you can contact us today. We can provide you with appropriate recommendations as to what to do with the memorial and bring back its respectful and timeless appearance.