How to Freshen Up an Old Monument

22 Jan 2024

When a monument dedicated to a departed loved one begins to show signs of age, it becomes more than a restoration task; it’s an act of remembrance and honour. Over time, these monuments can succumb to the elements, losing some of their original beauty and significance. Freshening up such a monument, therefore, is a deeply personal and respectful endeavour, aimed at preserving the memory of the loved one while maintaining the dignity of their final resting place.

Understanding the Significance

The first step in revitalising a monument is to understand its emotional and historical significance. This is not just a physical structure, but a symbol of a life lived and a connection that continues beyond the physical realm. Any restoration or enhancement should be in line with the spirit of the person it commemorates.

Physical Restoration

Weathering, erosion and biological growth like moss or lichen are common issues with older monuments. Begin with a gentle cleaning using appropriate, non-abrasive methods and cleaners designed for the specific material, whether it be stone, metal or wood. This should be done with the utmost care to avoid any damage to the engravings or structural integrity.

Landscaping and Surroundings

The area surrounding the monument plays a significant role in its overall appearance and ambiance. Simple landscaping enhancements, like planting flowers or shrubs that were favourites of the departed, can add a personal touch. Regular maintenance, such as trimming grass and removing debris, also contributes to a serene and well-cared-for environment.

Adding Personal Touches

Personalising the monument can bring new life to it. Consider adding a new plaque with a meaningful quote, poem or a few words about the loved one. Solar-powered lights can illuminate the monument, symbolising the enduring presence of the person’s spirit and memory.

Preservation Measures

To ensure the monument withstands the test of time, apply preservation treatments suited to the material. For stone monuments, sealants may protect against moisture and erosion. For metal, anti-corrosion treatments can be beneficial.

Community Involvement

If the monument is in a public place, involving the community can be a way of sharing the memory of the loved one. Organising a cleaning day or a small ceremony on significant dates can bring people together and help in the upkeep of the monument.

Emotional Connection

Finally, remember that freshening up a monument is also about renewing the emotional connection with the departed loved one. Take this time to reflect, remember and celebrate their life and legacy.

About Ring Memorial

Rejuvenating a monument of a departed loved one goes beyond mere physical upkeep. It’s an act of love, remembrance and tribute, ensuring that their memory continues to be honoured and preserved with dignity and respect.

Monuments are built to last, although after many years of harsh weather, they can begin to look beaten. Freshening up an old monument can sometimes be as simple as a hand clean. Here at Ring Memorial, we can carry out the work for you. We can also repair broken and sunken monuments. Contact us today.