How Do You Personalise a Headstone? 

22 May 2023

If you want the headstone or monument to better reflect your loved one’s passion and legacy, some level of personalisation will help. For example, you can choose a few accessories and granite chips to make the headstone personalised instantly. You can also use a personalised motif for further customisation (you can consult us here at Ring Memorial on how to do this). 

Headstone accessories you can add 

Some of the accessories you can handpick from are: 

  • Vase (set it above ground or mount it to the headstone, to hold fresh flowers whenever you visit) 
  • Granite crosses 
  • Ceramic photos (your loved one’s photo is transferred onto a ceramic base) 
  • Memorial lights (solar options might be available) 
  • Statues (often religious) 
  • Holders (for vase, flower pot, flag) 

You can ask here at Ring Memorial for your options. Whether it’s a new or old monument, you can handpick the appropriate accessories to make the headstone better personalised for your loved one. 

Other headstone personalisation options 

Aside from the accessories mentioned above, you also have other options for the headstone to be more tailored for your loved one’s passion, history and legacy. Some of your options are about the: 

  • Granite colour (common options are black, gray, blue, red, green, bronze) 
  • Size and shape of the headstone (there are now headstones with unique shapes and designs) 
  • Inscriptions (if there are no inscriptions yet, you can request to have them added, you can choose your loved one’s favourite saying or a Bible verse) 
  • Symbols (e.g. something that tells about your loved one’s hobby, career or spiritual belief) 

Your options are almost limitless. Whether the headstone is just about to be set or it’s already there for years or decades, you can always choose to have it more personalised and better reflect your loved one’s memory. Or, you can choose to have it completely reworked so that everything will look new (and all the details will fit together because it’s a new design from scratch). 

Personalising a headstone is just one of the several ways you can remember and show respect to the departed ones. For years to come and until our time has come, we can continue to remember those who left and make some efforts that will further show our respect to them.