How Do I Choose a Monument for My Loved One?

06 May 2022

One way to represent your loved one’s legacy is through a monument. However, monuments now come in a wide variety of designs and are made in different materials such as marble and granite. To help you make the right choice, here’s an easy guide for you.

Choosing a monument design for your loved one

First, each cemetery has specific rules about the styles and sizes of monuments. About those rules, you have to first consult with the stone masons who will build the monument. The rules and requirements should be explained clearly so that you’ll know all your options.

After knowing the rules and your options, the next step is to know the customisations available. This could be your unique way of showing your respect to your departed loved one. With customisations on the headstone and added accessories such as a vase and a plaque, the monument can become a perfect symbol and reminder of the loved one’s legacy. Other customisations such as a sandblasted image, laser etching and in-depth inscription can help provide more meaning and uniqueness to the monument.

It will be great to add your personal touches to further show your respect and to add another level of customisation to the monument and headstone. Perhaps you’re now thinking of a unique image or symbol that best represents your loved one’s story. You can add that to the monument and headstone and make it truly an appropriate resting place.

Building an enduring legacy

Because it’s about legacy, you want the monument to last for decades and endure the harsh environmental elements. You want it to remain elegant and symbolic for years to come.

To accomplish that, here at Ring Memorial we make sure that the monuments we build conform to the latest Australian Standards (AS 4204:2019) and the cemetery’s specific requirements. We install each monument with all the necessary foundations, cement, reinforcements, piers and stainless steel dowels. This way, the monument and headstone will endure and become a perfect symbol of legacy.