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every memorial and headstone we create

    Ring Memorial Co specialises in carefully creating respectful memorials that are appropriate to sit by your loved one’s resting place. Our third generation team of stone masons are dedicated to designing and making custom tribute in memory of your lost relatives. Even though these times are sad and difficult, we want to bring you some comfort with a memorial that pays tribute to those who are no longer with us.


    We are committed to offering quality without compromise on all our headstones, memorials and accessories. Our stone masons are ready and waiting to perfect a custom-made:

    • Headstone
    • Lawn ornament
    • Bronze plaque
    • Cenotaph
    • Cremation marker
    • Mausoleum panel
    • Photo memorials
    • Personalised monument

    You can choose between granite, sandstone and marble finishes on memorials to suit the taste of your long-lost loved ones. Please call us to arrange a consultation and obligation-free quote today.


    To ensure a better choice of memorials, headstones and accessories, our professional and experienced stone masons are skilled in a wide range of areas. Everything we make is built to last, from the lettering, to the memorials themselves.

    Our made-to-order products can be inscribed, etched and gilded in lettering of your choice. Ring Memorial Co ensures your every demand is met in such emotional circumstances throughout Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury and the Nepean district.


    As reputable stone masons with over 45 years’ of industry experience, we also specialise in repairs and restorations. We have been responsible for many restoration projects throughout Blue Mountain and the surrounds and for delivering as-good-as-new results time after time.

    We believe that everyone deserves to rest in peace in a pleasant and presentable environment, regardless of how many years have passed.

    Our high-quality restorations and repairs ensure your relative’s memories are preserved and respected forever.

    For custom memorials from experienced stone masons, call us today on 02 4751 5706 !

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